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 End To Boredomness

This Hook and Ring Toss Battle Game Is Perfect For Your Home Bar

Introducing the Latch & Catch Party Game  handmade wooden party games, a great hand-crafted party game set suitable for any game lover! These Ring Toss and Shot Ladder party games are perfect for more than just a party  – anyone who loves games will benefit from having this party game set in their home, coffee shop, bar, or business.

Ring and Hook Battle Game - Craggy Games
The Latch & Catch Party Game come as a bundled pair or as individual games, and the company offers two party game sets total: the classic Ring Toss, in which players try to land a ring attached to a string on a hook screwed to a central post, and Shot Ladder, which can either be used to add an extra stressful, score-keeping task to games like ring toss, corn hole, flip cup, and more, or as its own game.

Ring and Hook Battle Game - Craggy GamesThis Latch & Catch Party Game set can be purchased in either a natural wood finish or, for slightly more money, a beautiful wood-burned finish which emphasizes the handmade wood nature of these beautifully crafted party games.

Ring and Hook Battle Game - Craggy GamesRohit Sharma, one buyer of these Latch & Catch Party Game, says they love the craftsmanship of these fine party game sets the most. In their review, Kellay wrote, “This is a one of a kind piece – great craftsmanship! Looks stylin’ in my formal living room which often brings up conversation and then the competition begins – such a fun game! And shipping was FAST! 10/10 recommended!”Ring and Hook Battle Game - Craggy Games

Club owners or not, this wooden Latch & Catch Party Game set is an excellent piece of hand-crafted wood that’ll keep you and your loved ones laughing, trash-talking, and enjoying each others’ company for many hours to come.

Ring and Hook Battle Game - Craggy Games

The Latch & Catch Party Game even folds down for easy transport if you plan on taking it somewhere!Ring and Hook Battle Game - Craggy Games

You can get the Latch & Catch Party Game with wood tray/score keeper along with a wooden shot glass which the loser takes after the game!Ring and Hook Battle Game - Craggy Games

The ring and hook toss battle game is perfect for home bars, game rooms, tailgating, backyard BBQs, around the campfire, and more!Ring and Hook Battle Game - Craggy Games

It also makes for the perfect game at the lake/cabin!Ring and Hook Battle Game - Craggy Games


Place wooden shot glass in the center circle, touch rings and go! Each time you land the hook, move the shot glass 1 space towards your opponent. Player wins when the shot glass moves off the end of the ladder.

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