Clapjoy Shut The Box Wooden Dice Game for Kids age 5 years and above Shut The Box Game Perfect for Family Entertainment, Birthday Party, Christmas Gift (Combo of 5)


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Clapjoy Shut the box Board Game

Shut the box is a game of dice for one or more players

  • Shut the Box is a simple and classic dice game that is simple to learn, fun to play, and develops fluency with addition facts.
  • Large, 4-sided wooden board for 2 to 4 players – sturdy, easily portable
  • 10 number tiles that flip easily
  • 2 nice Dice ready to be rolled and rolled
  • Well-written Shut-the-Box rules.

The rules of Shut the box game-4

Game still goes on, other players continue to play until they roll a number that has no combinations left to shut or anyone have shut down all the tiles. And the player with the lowest score wins.

CARSON’ score: 3+6+7+9=25 JUDITH’ score: 3+6+8+10=27

JAMES’ score: 2+5+8+9=24 ASHLEY’ score: 2+5+8+10=25

JAMES is the winner!

About this item
  • DURABLE & GREAT LEARNING TOOL – CLAPJOY Shut the Box game wooden is made of solid pinewood and measuring 12 x 12 x 2 inches having 2 Dices and 1 Instruction Manual and 1 Reusable Scorecard. 
  • TRADITIONAL PUB GAME – Shut the box was a popular game in Manchester pubs and it is still being played worldwide today.  Not only can create a fun atmosphere but also increase the friendship between players and provide hours of funny entertainment.  
  • CUSTOME RULES: Each board prints number clearly, each player owns 10pcs of board number from 1 to 10; roll the dice and lay down tiles that match the sum of the roll dice numbers . 
  • HOW TO PLAY – This Game can be played between 2-4 Players. Any one person can start the game and Roll the dice to start the fun! Each player rolls their dice and “shuts” numbers from their row that add up to their dice roll. The numbers can be shut either in combination of 1 or 2 or 3. First one to shut all their number wins- easy to play yet challenging for hours of competitive fun. Also you can make your own rules to make it more challenging.
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