Clapjoy Velcro Book Preschool Busy book for kids up to 3 years (Combo)

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busy book

CLAPJOY Preschool Busy Book is Perfect for Toddlers

  • These interactive activities can promote cognitive development, improve hand-eye coordination, motor skills, recognition, memory, and basic literacy.
  • Ideal for travel, making learning efficient and interesting during the car and airplane journey.
  • The portable exquisite packaging is the best choice for gifts.


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Children love to play and have fun and this book makes them learn and develop their skills with it.It is thoughtfully designed to help the child toimprove basic literacy, memory, recognition, fine motor skills, problem solving skill, patienceand hand-eye coordination. This book has bright color pictures which help children develop a better connection and understanding with the surrounding environment.

The pages are thickened and the surface is covered with a film, which is waterproof and not easy to tear. The answer cutout is designed with rounded corners, the size is suitable for small hands to grasp. This method of learning will help the sense of touch during the repeated pasting of the book. Overall a fun way to learn and keep the child busy for long hours.

busy book
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