ClapJoy Reusable Flash Cards for Kids|72 Double Sided Early Learning Flash Cards, ClapjoySpell Master, ClapJoy Shabd Rachna – Learn Hindi Words Spellings and Tangram With Flash cards (Combo of 4)


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Reusable Flash Cards:-

Tangram :-

Let your kids experience the fun of a board game! Who said that children don’t enjoy board games? Introduce them to an awesome toy for their holiday this year. Let them enjoy the fun of a board game with Clapjoy 2 in 1 Fastest Finger String Hockey!

The tangram is a dissection puzzle consisting of seven flat polygons, called
tans, which are put together to form shapes. The objective is to replicate a
pattern using all seven pieces without overlap.
Package Include: 7 polygons, 50 Double Side Flash Card

Spell Master:-

This wooden spelling game helps the kids in developing or making new words;
Unlike school learning in which the spellings are taught by reading and writing
it them but with this interesting board the kids tend to learn the spellings with
loads of fun and enjoyment; They can grab more speed in learning
Package Include : 1 Wooden tray, 8 Letter Cubes, 25 Cards

Shabd Rachna hindi Words :-

This shabd rachna Hindi word formation game consists of 145 pieces, 2
sets of vowels and consonants and 10 sets of matraas that can be put
together to form different words. The Hindi Shabd Rachna is a nice tool for
not only developing your kid’s Hindi language skills but also aids in
improving thinking ability and motor skills.
Package Include: 145 pieces and 3 double sided worksheets

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